exim method used to upgrade 1.3.5 Sp1 to 2.0.8


I am using cs-cart 1.3.5 SP1, wanted to upgrade in 2.0.8 but it seems it is a long process

1.3.5 Sp1 to 1.3.5 Sp4

then SP4 to 2.0.6

then 2.0.6 to 2.0.8

So my question is can’t we upgrade directly in 2.0.8 using cs-cart Import export options. Like export all products. orders, users from 1.3.5 and then import all in 2.0.8

I have tried to do so, users, products, orders are imported successfully but

  • it is not importing product images (which are stored in filesystem of 1.3.5)
  • while importing order items it is giving error like

    _object_does_not_exist (Order ID = 115, Item ID = 2127581778)…

    Please let me know your opinions.

    Warm Regards,


1.35sp1 to 1.35sp4

and after direcly, 1.35sp4 to 2.08!

Make a clean install of 2.08 and use upgrade file 1.35sp4 to 2.07.

Read the readme available in upgrade package.

I tried just now and upgrade file works!! Waaaaa without bugs for the first time…:wink:

But you have do all of things manually after…

Thanks gg96 for your quick reply and help,

[quote name=‘gg96’]

But you have do all of things manually after…[/QUOTE]

By all things do you means “Setup newly upgraded store 2.0.7” as per needs Or

Upgrading it to 2.0.8 manually by uploading files etc?