Exempt products from free shipping?

My turn to ask for help with something here.

I’m trying to prevent some products from a free shipping promotion because they require additional handling.

Setting a “Not In” promotion condition doesn’t seem to work but, I’m not sure if this is a bug or if I’m not doing it properly.

I actually need to add more functionality to this so it will only charge shipping for the exempted products in the cart but I need to get this working first.



More than likely create the logic using promotions.

cart promotions if ‘ALL’ = FALSE (List products that are not allowed free shipping)

Bonus = Free Shipping

Please look at [url]http://forum.cs-cart.com/vbugs.php?do=view&vbug_id=2526[/url]

There is a solution for this issue.

[quote name=‘2tl’]Please look at [url]http://forum.cs-cart.com/vbugs.php?do=view&vbug_id=2526[/url]

There is a solution for this issue.[/QUOTE]

Hi Ilya

I tend to disagree.

I am not a developer and a solution for me is to not start hacking code into core files of your product.

The solution is when you guys merge it properly into your code base and it is properly QA’ed and gone through regression testing.

I wish your team would stop pasting small solutions all over the forum in a hundred different places.

It is impossible to determine what is being fixed in the next version and what is not.

Please indicate to me the following:

If you reply to a thread in a specific forum for a specific user

saying edit this &&.tpl file with the following lines of code and its a confirmed bug

Can we automatically assume you will fix it for everyone and part of core product.

Why should that free loafer using community edition get a resolution for his problem yet paying customers of your software have to wait months for a workable solution.


Please advise ?


The link posted by 2TL is from the “Bug Tracker” and clearly states “Fixed in Next Version”.

The code provided was to provide a fix now for those which need it sooner than waiting until the next release.

So, where is the problem? :confused:

I tried this fix but it caused another problem in other promotions.

After the fix, I have the following issue:

If I set promotions to spend $50 in category X, get $5 off, the result is:

if I spend the $50 in category X it is fine, but add anything else outside of this category, it cancels out the promotion.

JGift, I completely agree with you.

Ive always felt that “Fixed in next version” is mostly a cop-out by the developers. But understand that CS C team have put a lot of effort into making version upgrades work as best they can.

CS Cart should release official bug fixes for the version that has the bug. Since CS Cart is open source, many many mods to the Core and templates are often needed that prevents, as is our case, the cart from ever being updated.

Struck, I know you are a regular contributor here and are normally very helpful, but I dont think you thought much about you comment before making them.

I have a BIG issue with this bug (hopefully its the same bug).

For me it seems that the “Suppliers” definition is being overlooked by the Free Shipping Bonus.

I have several Free Local Pickup shipping methods that are set as Cart Promo Bonuses for items that we stock ourselves. Allowing certan “customers” who are our installers to collect from our store.

Only certain customers are allowed to Local Pickup, so we must use Promotions.

Each Local Pickup shipping method is assigned to a particular supplier (because of the limitation that each shipping method can be assigned only one supplier.)

However the Local Pickup shipping method Bonus just applies a blanket Free shipping overide to ALL of these Local Pickup shipping methods, even tho some products in the order do NOT have any Local Pickup shipping method applicable to the supplier of the product.

As a result, products shipped by Suppliers other than ourselves are also showing this “Free Shipping”

The fix apparently does not work, as reported here by JGift and his bug report, which CS Cart has closed seamingly without addressing JGift's concern that the fix for v2.1.4 does not work.

Id love to hear from someone that has a final bugfix for v2.1.4