Excessive requests to login?

I purchased CS Cart about 3 years ago but just now have the time to tackle the project of building my estore. I upgraded to 3.x and installed it. Now, as I am exploring the features offered on the admin panel I am constantly being told I must login again. I login in the admin panel, click the drop down “Settings” menu, choose an option and up pops the login screen and a warning that I must be first logged in. Worse yet is when I choose ADMINISTRATION - PAYMENTS-CREDIT CARD up pops the login screen. After I re-login I am taken back to the main admin panel. No matter what I do I keep looping back. This is WAY different than the install of 2.2x that I had been experimenting with. Any ideas of what I am doing wrong?? I have searched all of the support options I know of and could find no other mention of this behaviour. And please remember I put the “newb” in “newbie” when it come to CS Cart. Thank for your help!!

BTW - is there anyway to change the admin user name to something other than an email address??

Not sure how you “upgraded” since an upgrade is not available yet from any version to V3 to my knowledge.

Would suggest a first step of clearing all cookies from your browser that are related to you domain name. Cookie names changed in 2.2.4…

2nd step would be to check that you have a reasonable setting in config.php for 'SESSION_ALIVE_TIME'. It should be set to approximately 2 * SECONDS_IN_HOUR, I.e. 2 hours.

If neither of those work for you, my guess is you're using IE and that it is seeing something in your admin html code that is telling it that it needs to go into compatibility mode and hence is sending a different user-agent string which causes the session to be restarted (all session data is destroyed including login credentials). To solve this, find a line in config.php that looks like.

define('SESS_VALIDATE_UA', true); // link session ID with user-agent

and comment it out by changing it to be:

//define('SESS_VALIDATE_UA', true); // link session ID with user-agent

If all of these fail to solve your problem, then I haven't a clue and you should simply contact cs-cart and utilize their helpdesk.

Thanks for the helpful reply. I haven't tried cookie cleaning or config mods yet but when using Chrome the problems go away. Looks like you were right about IE compaitability. I will try your suggested fix later.

I didn't “upgrade” in the traditional sense but I did remove v2.2x from my server and reinstalled v3.x. I had done nothing with v2.2x to this point and I couldn't see any upside to starting to build in v2.2x and waiting for the upgrade tool. BTW I followed the link to your website. I will keep you in mind for future needs. Thanks again.