Eway Payment Method Http Error


I'm using CS Cart 4.8.1 SP1 and the issue seems to be is that the website doesn't seem to "talk" to external sites very well.

PayPal does work but eWay doesn't and gives a HTTP error with no details at the top of the checkout page. (see attached image)

eBay also gives an error when trying to export products:


3459417778 - Failed request to https://api.ebay.com/ws/api.dll. Http status code:

There is nothing after the Http status code. It also says no orders found when trying to import orders on the Orders page if there are new orders to be imported on eBay.

I have triple checked the API keys, generated new sets of keys, contacted the vnedors and they say their websites aren't having any problems. I'm out of ideas.

Does anyone know what might be causing this to happen?

Website Error.jpg

Just email cs-cart. Eway is AUD only so its likely nobody noticed it wasn't working as not many Australians use the cart these days. Its a supported payment gateway so they will fix it. I use merchant warrior (cheaper)

Is your site running HTTPS? Does both your Server and your CURL environment both have the proper Certificate Authority files to NOT use the older TLS and SSL type of cyphers? Check with your hosting company.

I would guess that Eway is rejecting the connection because of an obsolete cypher.