Event (Gift Registry) Integration into product pages if registered member


I would like to request a feature. The gift registry is missing 1 key feature.

If I am a registered user and have created an event (gift registry) - then when I log into the site - I should be able to add to my existing registry from browsing the products normally.

The only way to add products to the Gift registry is to physically go to the events box and do that.

Its seems very segmented and needs to be more tighly coupled in with the rest of the browsing and navigaitonal experience of the user. A wedding couple will always from time to time leading up to their wedding - browser the latest products available or more popular ones.

It only make sense that as they browse the site(products) be it by advanced search, normalk search or by using the category filters - the product page has a button that says “Add to registry”

If user has more than 1 registry listed, it pops up a fancybox and user has to select which registry to allocate product to.