Event And Ticket Management For Cs Cart


we have written and Event and Ticket Management Add-on for CS Cart.

It's only in version 1 and we are keen to hear suggestion for improvements

and additional features:


With our Event's and Tickets Add-on It's easy to organise workshops, festivals, fundraisers, performances, conferences, parties, retreats, and events of any kinds!

Easily collect money with via any Payment Method you have set up in CS-Cart.

Check in your attendees by printing a guest list and issue numbered tickets for your guests.

  • Assign event's to any Product
  • Recurring Events
  • Multiple dates per Event
  • Design your own ticket and allow client to download it
  • Max number of Participants
  • Start and End Date and Time
  • Event Calendar for Front End
  • Participant List per event
  • Download PDF tickets list


If you have questions or suggestions please contact us directly at 4sprung@gmail.com

Important Notes:

Before you purchase our product, please read the following instructions:

As a protection and precautionary measure, all of our codes are encrypted with the IonCube encoder. IonCube is pre-installed on 99% of UNIX-based web servers. Before purchasing, please ensure that you have the latest IonCube version for your web server.

Our product is guaranteed to work on a standard CS cart installation. However, we cannot guarantee compatibility with core modifications or 3rd part add-ons. If you should run into issues we can customise the add-on at an extra cost to take your modifications into account

If you run multiple stores on the same backend you will need a licence for each store you can not use the addon only for selected domains on a multi-store installation.

Please note we don’t offer instantaneous download please allow 1-2 business days from the time we receive all required information for packaging and delivery of the Add-on


We have updated our Event and Ticket Management Addon. Please check out our new features here:




I'm interessted in your Addon and wrote you last week about it. Can you contact me?

Kind regards, Roland