Evening Dress site up and running


I have been working on this site for quite a while, finally got round to change to latest build of CS-Cart and making various tweaks and changes to the style.



Nicely done.

Hi Michelle,

The pink on apricot is advententous mix for your store’s theme however think it works well for your target market.

A question to the presentation of the top menu, was this by design and do you plan to add more categories as time goes by?



Thanks for the feedback on the design.

The Top Menu design is based upon our old sites layout (www.theperfectdress.co.uk) which has always worked well for us. The Categories sidebox has been re-written to allow to for new categories to be added with auto spacing but generally we never run with more than 10.

Really nice, very pleasing colours to look at. Well done :slight_smile: