Estimate Taxes Using Default Address On Category/product Pages

Hello, I'm using CS-Cart 4.3.5 and I want to display all product prices with taxes on all pages.

Recently discover that if these 2 options are enabled, then in car and checkout display only 1 price with taxes (and not 2 with & without taxes).

  • Estimate taxes using default address on cart/checkout pages
  • Display prices with taxes on cart/checkout pages if the method of calculating taxes is based on a unit's price

I'm feeling that in CS-Cart 4.3.5 is more easier to estimate taxes using default address, and display only 1 price with taxes on category/product pages.

Right now, I'm getting this display:


In huge font size is the price without taxes, and after that in normal font size the price with taxes.

But in Cart displays only the price with taxes.

Is that possible to fix it and display only one price, with taxes?

*Notice that I can change the layout of product view and/or category list, and delete permantly the price without taxes. But, I think that will cause wrong functionallity of script. I did these changes and now price filter calculate the price without taxes... and I have change the display to show only price with taxes.


I am afraid, additional code customization is required to do it if your prices do not include taxes.

I think you can accomplish it with just some css/less styling to hide the untaxed price and increase the font size for the taxed price. I think something like this added to your less file should work:

// Hide untaxed price
.ty-product-block__price-actual {
    display: none;

// Increase font size for taxed price
span.ty-list-price[id|=“line_product_price_”] {
color: @price;
line-height: normal;
font-size: @price_font_size;


Hello Straygecko.

Thank you for the reply. If I do that how Price Range Filter works? With or without taxes?

The span of list-price includes as well words such as "(" and "incl.taxes)"..

incl. taxes)

I'm looking for a hook or somehow develope an addon to changes the primary price included taxes and dont display the list price.

I'm not sure about the price filter. Sorry, I don't do custom addon development, it just looked like a simple CSS change for your original request. But clearly its more involved to make all areas showing price work correctly. I'm sure eComLabs can help you. Click on the Get a free quote link in his signature above.