Escape double quotes in product name and SEO name


Im getting frustrated about this. I am still using a modded 2.03 version.

I made additions myself to suit my needs, so no need to upgrade or all will be lost.

I am creating a csv datafeed file. This file will be imported in cs-cart. All doing fine except, in many cases product names and seo name are like this:

“iphone 4.html”

Then I get a 404 error. I escaped all the single and duoble quotes, but still in many cases it will trasform the name and link like this.

Can someone please tell me how to solve this?

Furthermore. I would like to ask someone if they succeeded using the import function automatically like i described here:

datafeed 2.1.4 import - Upcoming features - CS-Cart Community Forums


The double quotes is/was a long time bug that wasn't fixed until 2.1.4.

Try using the htmlentity of " instead… Might work.

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Try using the htmlentity of " instead… Might work.


Do u mean escape the product name and seo name in my datafeed with htmlentity ?

I tested it and imported the ned feed, same problem exists.

Well, you probably want to google “html entity” and learn what it is.

But no, you don't escape anything. The “"” is the html entity for a quotation mark. So you would replace your quotes with “"” (without the quotation marks).

Yes i did that,

I even removed all the quotes, they dont exist anymore and still the same problem exist

I'm not about to go search for it especially since the file is large and I am about to go to bed but the bug lies in /controllers/admin/exim.php