Errors with cache files

It seems that every few weeks I am getting errors from files in the var/cache/ directory. When I clear the cache, the error messages are resolved.

My message today was:

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at …/public_html/var/cache/cached_queries.cache.php:45) in …/public_html/core/fn.init.php on line 400

My questions are:

(1) Should I be clearing the cache at some frequency (every week, daily, etc…)?

(2) Why do the cache files get corrupted?

(3) In reading the posts, it looks like clearing the cache fixes some problems, but is corrupted cache files an issue? Is it normal to have to clear the cache?

When I was running 1.3.5, I don’t remember any cache issues I had. In running version 2, it seems to be every few weeks we have a problem. Clearing the cache is my first step in diagnosing any problem.

Great questions - did you ever find an answer?