Errors when installing Trial Version

I have tried a number of times now to install CS-Cart v2.0.7 on a local WAMP server. Everytime it has failed with the same errors! I have been trying for hours now and getting pretty desperate! Any help would be much appriciated :slight_smile:


```php Backtrace: File: C:/wamp/www/Cart/core/fn.database.php

Line: 311

Function: db_error

File: C:/wamp/www/Cart/install/core/install.php

Line: 477

Function: db_query

File: C:/wamp/www/Cart/install/core/install.php

Line: 116

Function: fn_parse_sql

File: C:/wamp/www/Cart\install/index.php

Line: 25

Function: include


Errors appear on the ‘Installing Database’ step and prevent me from going any further!

I also have the following error present at the top of the page:

```php Deprecated: Function set_magic_quotes_runtime() is deprecated in C:/wamp/www/Cart/prepare.php on line 53 ```

And incase you havent already noticed… Im a newbie at php!

I have searched the forums and seem to keep getting redirected back to the following thread:


However i do not beleive this will help me.

Anyone got any ideas? Im really hoping to get the test site up and running by the end of the weekend! So any help would be very much appriciated :slight_smile:

I think you are using php 5.3 and set_magic_quotes_runtime will be remove for php 6.0 so on 5.3 this function make a warning.

For the moment, you have to add an @ before all set_magic_quotes_runtime functions like this :

```php @set_magic_quotes_runtime ```

I would strongly recommend dropping to PHP 5.2.11 if you can as PHP 5.3 introduces a number of changes that are not backwards compatibility friendly and some of those items will directly interact with some of CS-Cart’s coding.