Error With Cs-Cart After Full Cpanel Restore *** Please Help ***

I just logged in to my cs-cart admin portal and noticed that when in the Products Layout i can't go to next page or click on the page numbers to view more products. It gives me this error when i try to go to the next page of all the products i have setup.

ErrorOops, something went wrong (Internal Server Error). Please try again.

I contacted SiteGround for help and this is what they stated:


I have been working on your case almost two hours, but could not fix the problem. During the investigation I applied several different solutions mentioned at the official forum, but to no avail. This is just an example :

I verified PHP functionality, permissions, ownership, possible caching options, but to no avail. The error that says ErrorOops, something went wrong (Internal Server Error). Please try again.

I am not familiar with the code and its functionality, I prefer not to modify it as this may cause unpredictable results. My personal suggestion is to contact cs-cart support team and ask for assistance. They are familiar with their code and I am sure they will be able to help fix this code issue.

Best Regards,
Leonid G.
Technical Support Supervisor"\

I even noticed that the website > optimize images > Image List Add-on stopped working after the transfer, i can't seem to search for feature_variant type as it keeps going blank.

Please let me know why i can't access my products after i have transferred the CPanel.


The first and easiest thing I would try is clearing cache by deleting files in /var/cache/

I tried that but still not working.

You need to check error logs then. Most likely it's a database issue.

I tried that but still not working.

Check the error in browser inspector (F12->console). Or share us the error logs.

Ask Leonid to provide you with the server error logs.