Error The Username Or Email You Have Chosen Already Exists.

Hello Guys,

I am having a problem during registration while checkout.

The problem is , when select an item and proceed to checkout then i have one page checkout.

So at first i have to give step1 details that is email and password.

After that step two opens

here i have to fill billing info. and whenever i try give some details in billing details fields and hitting “continue”, page says "Error The username or email you have chosen already exists. ".

I can not go to 3rd step.

I am using cs cart v4.2 licensed.

Just for you to know (I have imported all the user through csv feature in version 4.2 form my 3.x version . )

But using checkout as a guest works.

But whenver i try to create main registration. this error shows

"Error The username or email you have chosen already exists. ".

I have checked the database there is no duplicate entry.

Please help me out.

Thank you

Why not using cs-cart store import addon?

The server has timedout for the limlited max_input_var value in php settings and client dont want to change the settings so i have to do the manuall way, so therefore i have exported prodcucts and orders and users, all the data are now there. but the above error is showing for main registration.