Error openning 'changed_files.lst' to read

Help, I am trying to upgrade CS-CART 2.0.11 to 2.0.12 using Store Manager and I get the error message that it cannot open changed_files.lst. I tried both ZIP and TGZ files which I downloaded from CS-CART User licences/upgrades section.

I also tried using the Upgrade Center but for some reason it cannot find the software folder once the FTP connection is made even though it is in the root folder.

Any suggestion appreciated…

Put the unzipped upgrade folders in your local/upgrade_package directory

Thanks for your reply. I am running IIS6 on Win2003 and don’t have /local directory.

I can see \var\upgrade folder and have extracted all files under upgrade_2.0.11-2.0.12.tgz\package folder but it still cannot find the ./local folder.

Is there another place to put these files?