Error on Product Tab

**1. we select the TAB button on a product.
2. select a tab item such as Specifications block settings
3. We go to the block setting and modify the contents and select Save
4. We are then taken back to the product TAB screen; however, the screen is blank
5. If we click on the TAB button again, we are taken to****.php?dispatch=tabs.manage_in_tab&dynamic_object[object_type]=products&dynamic_object[object_id]=604&product_id=604
Which is a blank screen as well.

CS-Cart will respond to you, but in the meantime, I wanted to highlight that you have exposed your admin address (which has been modified from the standard implementation in accordance with the security recommendation).

Showing the link here won’t help as we need your password to check the link, but it might expose your admin address to malicious actors. You can provide this information via your CS-Cart Helpdesk account (you don’t require a support subscription for bugs).

Regarding the suspected bug, if you haven’t cleared your cache (Administration > Storage > Clear cache), then you should do so.

I was unable to reproduce this issue. Looks like you have low value of max_input_vars php setting. Please try to increase this value (you can ask your server administrator to do this) to at least to 10000. If it does not help you, please contact us via Help Desk.

Meanwhile to the recommendations provided by @chickentwisty, I’ll add my own. Please change the name of your store’s admin panel immediately, as exposing it to the general public increases the risk of hacking, as admin panels have no protection against brute force password attacks.

P.S. I have already removed the name of the admin panel from your post, however recommendations to change it remains valid.

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