error on images import

when i import images i get the following error

Warning: copy(xxxxx:/xampp/htdocs/Shop2/images/backup/45104172.jpg) [function.copy]: failed to open stream: Invalid argument in xxxxxx\Shop2\core\fn.fs.php on line 291

Updating links… OK

the products are imported but the photos are not there

Any ideas?

Might be permission issues - are you sure the /backup folder has write permission? Looks like you are using a localhost/XAMPP setup so I am not sure this is a permission issue but just a suggestion.

I’m having a similar issue using Uniserver… perhaps it is windows related.

My error looks like:

Warning: copy(Z:/www/Z:/www/images/backup/t-17310-899-01.gif) [function.copy]: failed to open stream: Invalid argument in Z:\www\core\fn.fs.php on line 291

Updating links… OK

I have the default ‘images folder’ listed as


Notice that the Z:/www/ being duplicated is NOT a typo - that’s the error as reported. Looks like the server root and full image path are being concatenated at some point.

We fixed this problem. Our problem was found in CS Cart v 2.0 on a WINDOWS 2003 server.

Open up file “core\fn.fs.php” Around line 287 look for:

$val[‘path’] = fn_normalize_path(DIR_CSCART . ‘/’ . $tmp);

Comment out this line, and place this below:

$val[‘path’] = fn_normalize_path($tmp); // edit to fix img import

That’s it…