Error Of Sending Newsletters From Add-Ons News & E-Mails

Now i am using Amazon SES for the SMTP mail sending, email sending is working on order notification, profile update, coupon sending and etc. I am using the same setting on Add-ons News & e-mails, but the error is published; [color=#B94A48]Could not instantiate mail function. [/color]

[color=#B94A48]what is the problem here? please help. thanks so much[/color]

It means that it couldn't establish a connection with the mail agent. I'm guessing you are sending too many emails via the news/email and the provider is shutting down the connection.

thanks for Ur quick response . Probably not the issue you proposed. Cuz I just two trial email in my list. And the error come up both test email and newsletter from news /email add-ons but mail server is still working on the notification functions. Thanks