ERROR occurred while coping the files!


I have just downloaded the new software to do a fresh install.

But now i get a problem during installation.

When trying to install a template it tells me:


Installing customer base templates…

Creating directory skins/aquarelle_pink/customer

Creating directory skins/aquarelle_pink/customer/pickers

ERROR occurred while coping the files! Please check if the var/skins_repository/base/customer directory exists, has read permissions and the skins root directory has write permissions


My server runs on suPHP so no need for file permissions setup, but still i checked and everything should be fine, anybody know why i get this error?

I did not have this problem with the last version at all.

Do you have enough disk quota with your hosting provider? In addition to permissions, it can fail if you run out of quota disk space.

same thing happening with me

can anyone help ? i have the same thing