Error_occurred Problem

I am putting together an ecommerce website using CS Cart but an error message has appeared thats says ‘Error_occurred’

I added define(‘DEVELOPMENT’, true); to the config.php file and got the following message

Error: Cannot connect to the database server

It also points to line 18 and Function: require

I’m at a lose as to the cause of the problem and how to fix it.

Error: Cannot connect to the database server

Your database credentials in config.local.php are probably incorrect, or the username you specified doesn't have full access to the database.

I will double check this later although I can connect to the database using navicat and the database details. I'll look into the user permissions but they haven't been changed since the database was setup. It was working before then this error appeared.

Could the database have corrupted somehow? Would this cause this problem?

Can you log in to your database control panel with the same user credentials?

I can connect to the database phpmyadmin control panel with the user credentials and have contacted my hosting support to double check user permissions.