Error messages 3.0.6 to 4.0.3

ErrorSubquery returns more than 1 row b[/b] /* Please use object_id for ULT from 2000 to 2999 */ REPLACE INTO store_import_settings_objects (object_id, edition_type, name, section_id, section_tab_id, type, value, position, is_global) VALUES (2000, 'ROOT', 'share_users', (SELECT store_import_settings_sections.section_id FROM store_import_settings_sections WHERE = 'Stores'), 0, 'C', 'N', 10, 'Y');

And awfull captcha by the way. Even a human cant read most of this shit.

I cant edit. Great. Messages in upgrade process of cause. Any Ideas?

And before that i have this error message ErrorColumn 'lang_code' cannot be null b[/b] INSERT INTO store_import_settings_descriptions (object_id, object_type, lang_code, value, tooltip) VALUES ((SELECT LAST_INSERT_ID()), 'S', (SELECT value FROM store_import_settings_objects WHERE name = 'admin_default_language'), 'Stores', '');

Tried to fix this adding some field in original tables. No luck