Error Message With 'sequential' Setting


I'm trying to configure option combinations using the 'Sequential' Options setting. But every time a user selects the 2nd Option an error message is generated:

Error Oops, something went wrong (SyntaxError: JSON.parse: unexpected end of data line 1 column 1 of the JSON data). Please try again.”

Can anybody tell me why?

Note: with the 'Simultanous' Options setting there is no error message.

Please also see attached screen shot.

Thanks in advance for any help


Error message.jpg


Try activating the Debug Mode by adding the following line of code:

define('DEBUG_MODE', true);

to the config.php file. It can help in locating the issue.

Also, enable Firebug (or a similar browser add-on) and inspect Ajax requests and errors.

Thanks for responding. We will activate the debug mode to learn more.

In the mean time we have done various user testing. Some conclusions:

  1. It is not related to a particular browser. IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari work ok (away from the office) and also do not work (in the office)
  2. It is not related to OS system. Windows 7, Windows 8 both work and do not work
  3. From our office it does not work, regardless of OS or browser
  4. At many other locations (office 2, home 1, home 2) it does work

    To be continued…



What response do you see in the Firebug?