Error message on Category page


Can anyone help please?

This message has suddenly appeared above the product description in my category pages when in list view.

Warning: strpos() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given in /home/esp/public_html/core/templater_plugins/modifier.escape.php on line 24

Its the same for every product in each category.

Cant think of what I might have done to cause this.

Any ideas?

Many thanks


I had this on lacal install but when transfer to live website message dissappears, I seen a thread about it a while ago here I think it was down to the PHP version or something.


Thanks for your speedy reply Johnbo1

But this error message is appearing on the live site


Thanks John for your quick response.

However the problem is on the live website


You need to ask your webmaster to check the PHP version.

The fix can be found at:


Just use Imac’s fix. I think it is the third or fourth post down.