error message at "checkout" 2.08

After clicking on CHECKOUT leading to this URL


The following message apears on top of the screen:[QUOTE]Warning: strstr() [function.strstr]: Empty delimiter in /home/www/5acebada21841/web/shop/core/fn.catalog.php on line 1296[/QUOTE]

The file is unmodified

This is fn.catalog.php code section:


} else {

foreach ($_opts as $k => $v) {

if ($get_all == true || ($get_all == false && strstr(‘SRC’, $v[‘option_type’]))){

$_var = db_get_field(“SELECT a.variant_id FROM ?:product_option_variants as a WHERE a.option_id = ?i $_status ORDER BY a.position LIMIT 1”, $v[‘option_id’]);

$result[$v[‘option_id’]] = $_var;





return $result;


where line 1296 is:

[QUOTE]if ($get_all == true || ($get_all == false && strstr(‘SRC’, $v[‘option_type’]))){[/QUOTE]

This is a fresh install 2.08

It never happend with previous 2.08 that was an 2.07 upgrade.

No weird behavior noted so far …only this message.