Error log Can not be created

i have deleted the error log and now i dont see the log anymore. Anyone had this problem before? or it just doest create the file with the new update 4.16.2.SP1… i want to update the latest one but for some reason i see the update but can not update it. So i wanted to see the error log file to find out the problem.

Any help would be appreciated.


You should contact hosting support with this issue

The path to the error log and the level of errors logged are set in the web server configuration. So it will be better to contact hosting support or server administrator in this case.

Are you referring to /var/upgrade/core_log.txt?

but what i should ask them? error on writing? creating file issue? What kind of support i should ask for? Thanks for help.

no i em referring to the error_log under public_html… on the first directory of the website… the one that usually get created when there is an error on the website…

Just ask them where your current error log file is located. It can be placed to another directory

i checked all the folders, its just not there and not created on autopilot.

Only hosting support can answer you