Error: Invalid Version Specified

I have been seeing this lots of times lately.

When opening a product page I get the message

Error: invalid version specified

in a red box and white page.


Well it looks like the Social Buttons Addon is having an issue with Facebook javascript.

so to the file

responsive / templates / addons / social_buttons / providers / facebook.tpl

at line 10 add &version=v2.7 jsut after the &appId={$addons.social_buttons.facebook_app_id}

 $.getScript("//{$addons.social_buttons.facebook_lang}/all.js#xfbml=1&appId={$addons.social_buttons.facebook_app_id}&version=v2.7", function () {

Clean your store cache an reload. Should be ok now.

It looks like the template on Like button is incomplete; upon clicking on the "Get Code" button Facebook will generate you a complete template with the version parameter included.

Hope this helps someone with the same trouble I had.