Error in product options in order department email?

I am experiencing a very strange and serious error in order department email. In our shop we have changed the order of some option variants. Normally they are in alphabetical order but we have changed that.

We have had problems before in some variants. By that I mean that after changing order of variants some variant images have been “staying in same place”. So for example variant 1 has image 3 and vice verse. But we have just placed the images again and thought that there are no problems anymore.

But problems are more serious. Now we have found out that this option variant order problem is also in order department emails. This is bad thing, really bad. When a customer makes an order, he receives an confirmation email and it is OK. Information in his “Orders page” is OK and in CS-Cart backend also. But in the email order departments gets options are messed up. I mean if we for example have changed the place of two options and customer orders one of these, we have wrong information in our notification email. If black t-shirt is now last option instead of first, and customer orders red, which is now the first one, in our notification email we have an order of black t-shirt, because it is the first alphabetically!!!

How an earth is this possible? Can anyone explain?? We have CS-Cart version 3.0.5.


Options and their variants are assigned by unique ID's. The 'Position' value for Variants is used as a sort, therefore has no bearing on the unique ID, which is how the option data is being pulled from the database to be published on both the frontend, backend, emails, etc.

If you're positive you have everything as it should be in accordance with product option variants position, I would suggest you log a support ticket with CS-Cart. This should not, and I can confirm does not happen in a 3.0.5 store I manage which does use Product Option Variant 'Position'.

Than you for your answer StellarBytes! I have now opened a ticket to CS-Cart system.

This really is strange because everything seems to be OK. And still order notification to “order department” has wrong option variants. That information would be OK if those option variants would be in their original positions (alphabetical). I mean correct option variant (which earlier was the first) is now positioned second last and the option which earlier was there, is the one which now appears in admin email. And this has now repeated in many products.

So I guess there is wrong information somewhere, but how it finds it's way to, and only to admin email??