Error in Description

Just got an email from my client to say there is a an error above every product description. Now the strange thing is, I have not touched this site since launch. Is it possible that the client fudged something?

Warning: strpos() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given in/home/p15lh13p/public_html/core/templater_plugins/modifier.escape.phpon line 24

Here's a link to the site - Animal Wrap Rings & Hand Crafted One-of-A-Kind Jewelry by Keja Designs

Any help much appreciated

Unlikely… What version are you running? Line 24 is a test to see if $string is an array or not for version 2.2.4.

But could be that there was a bug fix to correct this in 2.2.4 and you're on an earlier version.

I used to get the same message when on a testing server on my local PC when uploading to live server its disappears


That site is still using 2.0.14.

This site went live about 2 years ago.

My bet is that the error has been there all along and an addon that was installed is doing an ini_set('display_errors', true); call which is letting the error be shown. Search the whole site for 'display_errors' and see if you can find where…

Thanks - I'm not familiar with the workings of CS Cart - how do I do the "Search the whole site for 'display_errors' and see if you can find where… "

Search “your site” for files that contain that string. Review them and turn it to 'false' if it is set to 'true'… By default, cs-cart hides any php errors but some addons (including some of my own) will turn on error reporting when operating as admin so that any problems are more visible and can be corrected if need be.