Error In Cs Cart Admin Panel & Live Website - Underscore In Front Of Some Fields

I have been recently getting underscore errors in front some fields of my CS Cart admin panel, it is appearing in back-end as well as in front end of the website.


As you can see in the above images the fields changed from,

Status to _status

Phone to _phone

Can anyone give me a solution for this?

It is because language variable is missing. you can fix this by entering language text in Administration -> languages -> translations


If I add in translation it is getting reflected in front-end, but the issue is in back-end(admin panel). How to fix it?

And also I would like to know how this underscore field issue could have come in the first place as it was working normal few days back?

Suggest me on which language variable to change.

Please note when you add language variable, you should delete first underscore

E.g. if you see "_status", language variable should be called "status". Underscore is used to show that the language variable is missed