Error: Imported File Must Have Product Code Field


I am using cs-cart Multi-vendor 4.7.3 and I want to update some products using CSV import. For import, Product code, Language, Product type, and Vendor fields are required. Our language is RTL so the imported CSV file is encoding using UTF-8 (because of the Vendor name) and the file is Tab delimited.

In the CSV file, these fields are available: Product code, Status, Price, Product type, and Vendor. There is no language field in the CSV file cause it will be set by the default language during the import.

For a test, I keep 2 products in the CSV file and import it into the backend (choose CSV delimiter to Tab). So far so good! But when I import the same file contains 500 products in the CSV (the same columns and the same file format), This error occurs:

Your import file MUST have the following fields: Product code

There is product code in the CSV file and I don't know why such an error happens!


Looks like data is broken somewhere in the file. It is required to examine it