Error After Upgrading From 4.7.1 To 4.7.2 Sp2

This error occurs when in the Add-ons.

The link address directory has something to do with this path

scripts-a9f4bb27c1a6…86e21519750259.js:1 GET net::ERR_ABORTED
send @ scripts-a9f4bb27c1a6…86e21519750259.js:1 ajax @ scripts-a9f4bb27c1a6…86e21519750259.js:1 $.ajax @ scripts-a9f4bb27c1a6…e21519750259.js:681 loadScript @ scripts-a9f4bb27c1a6…86e21519750259.js:1 (anonymous) @ scripts-a9f4bb27c1a6…86e21519750259.js:1 c @ scripts-a9f4bb27c1a6…86e21519750259.js:1 (anonymous) @ scripts-a9f4bb27c1a6…86e21519750259.js:1 (anonymous) @ form-validation.js:1 e @ scripts-a9f4bb27c1a6…86e21519750259.js:1 ready @ scripts-a9f4bb27c1a6…86e21519750259.js:1 register @ scripts-a9f4bb27c1a6…86e21519750259.js:1 (anonymous) @ form-validation.js:1

I installed a brand new version of cs-cart on a development site with the same error. So it's something that was to do with 4.7.2.

Well this is definitely a coding error.

The error is about the coding and it is telling that you have set up that calls for mysqli, in which is not represent in the /home/mototrac/public_html/development/app/Tygh/Backend/Database/Mysqli.php file path.

Please contact us via Help desk and provide access to your server so that we could examine the issue