Error 500 after an update that showed up today

I have logged into my admin panel and I got notification about an update that should be applied.

After the update has been applied I get Internet Server Error 500.

Prior to completing the update I got a link that should be used in case update fails, guess what, the link doesn’t work either.

What do I do now? My store is offline.

I am having the same problems.

BUt I restarted the computer and was able to access admin panel and revert the udpate and able to have the store open, but lost the shipping setting… no atter what I do to fix it, it doesnt work.


We had the same problem. It was a permissions error on the index.php and admin.php files. They had to be reset to 644 after the update and then everything worked fine.

Thank you - it worked! I am back in business.