"Error 403: Access Denised" for Customers

Recently I’ve received a lot of complaints from customers stating that when they click on tracking links within system generated emails the page that loads says:

“Error 403: Acess Denied”.

This appears to happening on the generated emails for “contact us” as well as order status update notifications.

Why would this be happening? Is there a setting within my admin that I need to change?

Please help. Thanks.

Post the email (preferably the email source) so we can see what link is being generated.

What “tracking links” on the “contact us” page?

As soon as someone places an order, they receive an email notification with a link to click on which will show them their order information.

This “link” returns the 403 error. No order information is showing up. Could this be because they are not registered customers? Is there a setting I can switch to make this link open to all customers?

I got the same 403 error. and customer is unable to track see the order. This particular customer didn’t register at the time of checkout.

This is the email customer received.

You requested information on the orders you placed in our store.

To view order #45731 please open this link:


To view all your orders, please follow this link: