Eror during 2.0 RC install


I’m installing 2.0 RC on local computer and get error during installation on “installing database” window.

all tables installed and then:


Importing data:

Error occured

Database error: Duplicate entry ‘tags-tags_for_products-O-EN’ for key ‘PRIMARY’ (1062)

Invalid query: INSERT INTO cscart_addon_descriptions (addon, object_id, object_type, description, lang_code) VALUES (‘tags’, ‘tags_for_products’, ‘O’, ‘Tags for products’, ‘EN’)

Backtrace: File: C:\cscart\core\fn.database.php

Line: 245

Function: db_error

File: C:\cscart\install\core\install.php

Line: 484

Function: db_query

File: C:\cscart\install\core\install.php

Line: 128

Function: fn_parse_sql

File: C:\cscart\install\index.php

Line: 37

Function: include

I also got an error - but only when trying to install with default products and including the Greek language.

I’m posting it here because when I tried to report the bug I got a second error saying the reporting page could not be found.

See [url][/url] for information on how to get around this issue.

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[quote name=‘mylove4life’]I think we need a new mod of the forum to get gid on all the spam…[/QUOTE]

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