Er... where do you edit text...?

I’ve just started with CS-Cart, and while I think I’m fairly useful with html, I’m finding it hard to be able to just jump into the html of a page and make simple changes to text. I appreciate that the blocks are very powerful, but say I want to edit the line “enter email if you don’t want to set up an account” on the checkout page, where do I do this? I’ve downloaded all the files from the skin I’m using online, but can’t find this html anywhere.

Clearly I’m doing something stupid, but can’t find simple instructions in the online documentation or forums…


In Admin, go to content/languages, and enter the text in the search box you looking for.

Then alter the resukts as they come up


go in admin/design/design mode,

click enable translation mode, then “view storferont in translation mode” the text that can be altered will be highlighted and you can edit these at will.

Be careful as sometimes it may change the word in other parts of the site that you dont want changing, in which case you will have to add other language varialbles.


Perfect, thanks very much John.