Epdq - Product Name Too Long

We are using ePDQ as the online payment engine in our multi-vendor shop

As the vendors of the site set the product name, which can be as long as they like, there is an issue when using ePDQ for on-line payments as it issues an error if the product name is more than 40 chars in length.

so in /app/payments/epdq.php the line below, where $key is 1 reads

$post[“ITEMNAME$key”] = $order_product[‘product’];

but Should read

$post[“ITEMNAME$key”] = substr($order_product[‘product’], 0, 39);

The issue stops buyers for being able to pay for the product using a credit or debit card through ePDQ as the secure payment page issues an error message and declines the transaction.

I do not know if this is an issue for other payment processors but it might be worht checking.

Hope this is of use.