ePDQ (Barclay Card) Payment Method


ePDQ (Barclay Card) Payment Method

Am installing this processor but I have hit a problem. :confused:

When I try to test, I get the error… “Not a valid allowed URL”, I contacted Barclays and they said I had the wrong “Allowed URL”!

CScart says use "htps://www.YOUR_DOMAIN.co.uk/index.php" but Barclays say the ACTUAL URL that we are coming from is htp://www.YOUR_DOMAIN.co.uk

Have also tried using https, the full checkout url (last page before going to ePDQ and none seem to want to work.

So I have changed the set up in ePDQ settings but still get the “Not a valid allowed URL”, I am going to contact Barclays again later, but thought someone may have had this issue!

Any ideas please? :slight_smile:

Resolved …

Apparently the required URL is not htps://www.yourdomain.co.uk/index.php as suggested by cs cart configuration. It is actually htps://www.yourdomain.co.uk/

Dead easy … when you know how!!!

Took some trial and error but got there eventually.