ePassporte gateway with CSCart 2.0.4

Does anyone know of the ePassporte module actually works with CS Cart 2.0.x?

We’ve set it up correctly, and filled in our epassporte IDcorrectly, yet when we try to checkout using ePassporte as the payment method we get this error:

HTTP Status 400 - Invalid or missing input parameters: acct_num

type Status report

message Invalid or missing input parameters: acct_num

description The request sent by the client was syntactically incorrect (Invalid or missing input parameters: acct_num).


Has anyone successfully integrated CScart 2.0.x with ePassporte?

The epassporte module advertised as a selling point of CS-Catr appears not to work.

There is almost no documentation for it.

Has ANYONE managed to get CS-cart working with the epassporte payment system?