Enterprise Xmas Released! Another Highly Modified Cart


Just to keep people posted on work we do with CS-Cart we have just released another website for Enterprise Xmas - With is simply layout and navigation this site has been totally revamped from CS-Carts functions and code.


Some features:

  • Enable / Disable images for radio options
  • Listing styles up to down, left to right added
  • Lightbox effect on images
  • Simple order process
  • And a few more

    If anyone needs custom development services then we can do the job as you can see, simple email: sales@1linedesign.com or visit www.1line.co.uk for more information.

    Kindest Regards,

    James Murphy

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    (Approved CS-Cart Hosting & Development Provider)

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You do nice design work James but this cart isn’t very functional yet.

A couple things I notice are;

  1. Back button functionality is very difficult both in the cart and gallery (have to click multiple times to return to previous page).

  2. Add to cart function is not working

I noticed on some products the add to cart does not function. I think it was one of the artificial trees. On another product, it did add to the cart.

How are you producing the problems? what Browser is being used because i cannot replicate this.

Thanks for your feedback

I cannot add an item to cart using Windows XP and Firefox

I was not able to add a 100 ft garland to the cart. Clicked the purchase now but said cart empty.

But once I had added something else it added okay.

Shutting down and going back in I was able to enter the 100 ft garland straight off.



I see the same as Page. I am using IE7 on XP home. When I try to add somthing the first time, the cart is empty. If I try it again it works. Don’t even have to get out. Just the first item won’t add to cart.

hey all,

sorry for the late response to your feedback, just to let you know all is fixed and should be fine now :slight_smile: