Enconding: strange characters

Hi! Please, take a look at the site www.electrogeneral.es All categories are full of strange characters.

I import all the info in the site from a csv, is there any way to make sure the csv import shows Spanish characters correctly. It’s a mess now!

Another doubt: where do I have to add {text-transform:lowercase} in order to make all letters be the same in categories and subcategories. Right now I have some in capitals orhter in small caps, etc. I can not change the content of my supplier’s csv but I can change the way letters are displayed in my site, right?

Thank you all in advance!

They are called “Special characters” and MySQL cannot interpret them.

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They are called “Special characters” and MySQL cannot interpret them.


ok, so is a problem of Mysql then, is it something that can be fixed by my host?

No, it's just the way MySql works. You would have to manually edit each one via the backend if you want the special characters. But note that anytime you import or export, the special characters will be replaced with what you have described.

Edit: I am not familiar with your language but you may be able to change the encoding to resolve the issue.?

I'm going to take a gues here…

The original CSV is created by the vendor and uses MS products like Word/Excel to manage the data. This is then saved as a CSV file and is imported into your site.

The fields will contain special character used by MS and/or other equivalent characters that might be outside the characters recognized by the ISO HTML character specification.

I would think your script needs to be modified to encode the data as it's being entered into the database. I.e. data should be saved using

$string = htmlspecialchars($string, ENT_QUOTE);

before writing $string to the database (and quoting appropriately).

This is how cs-cart expects data like descriptions, product names, etc. It will do an html_entity_decode($string) before it sends the info to the browser.