Enabling SEO if hosting with Host Gator

Hi everyone. I’m using version 2.1.2 and my hosting provider is Host Gator.

I’ve been trying to enable the SEO addon. It won’t enable. I read through the CS-Cart Knowledge Base and subsequently checked the php information for the database in the Administration Tab. No where is there a mention of the mod_rewrite module added in that information page.

So, I called Host Gator to find out what can be done - but the customer service rep didn’t know how to help me other than sending me a link to an article on what mod_rewrite is. Because I simply don’t know much about it I didn’t know which questions to ask or what to press for.

Did I just get an uninformed customer service rep? Is there something I can do in the cpanel for Host Gator to fix things? Is the mod_rewrite module simply a matter of putting some lines of code in the htaccess file?

I could really use help here. Thanks.

Sorry, posted in the wrong forum. I’ve started the same thread in the SEO forum. Here: