Enable Order Communication By Default And Disallow Vendors To Disable

I am looking for a way to make order communcation between customers and vendors always available, but couldnt find what file control the options that are available.

In the standard setting, customers can start a communication in the order and vendor can start using the order management page, however vendors also have an option to disable and this can be a problem. I'm already imagining bad sellers blocking buyers.

Is there any addon or other solution to disallow vendors to disable communication and maybe enable order communication by default?

I didnt found yet a way to autoenable communication, but found one that can at least hide the option to disable. The file that control the options of discussion in order is located in: /design/backend/templates/addons/discussion/hooks/orders/customer_info.post.tpl

Just create a hook override and hide the disable option and it will works.