Enable Cash On Delivery Depending On Pin Codes / Zip Codes In Shipping Method


I need your help in identifying correct addon for enabling Cash on Delivery which we are starting in Domestic Shipping along with International Shipping.

  1. Our shipping company does not cover all the pincode of India for COD service, hence how can we enable a functionality for customer to check whether the specific product is available at his location [ZIPCODE] or not. Reference functionality already implemented on 1 site: [url=“http://goo.gl/SUFBm4”]http://goo.gl/SUFBm4[/url]

  2. If COD is available for that specific ZIPCODE, how & where the COD charges will be added/displayed; on product detail page itself or Checkout page?

  3. Does the ZIPCODE verification needs to be done in API integrated by shipping company or do we need to manually create a location with zipcodes being serviced by Shipping companies?

  4. In case customer adds international ZIPCODE, can we tell them that COD is not available & international shipping will be charged at Checkout page?

  5. For displaying International shipping, will it be integrated with Real time rates given by API integrated from shipping company or it has to be manual shipping charges.

    Below are few Add Ons which we could figure out but need your help and expertise to understand which add will cover most of the scenarios/conditions:[list]


    ][url=“CS-Cart Payment Method Based on Shipping Method addon”]Search results


    ][url=“Set certain payment methods for certain products? - Upcoming features - CS-Cart Community Forums”]Set certain payment methods for certain products? - Upcoming features - CS-Cart Community Forums

    [][url=“Estimate shipping cost CS-Cart add-on”]http://www.alt-team.com/cs-cart-estimate-shipping-cost-add-on.html[/url]

    ][url=“Abandoned Cart Popup Offer”]http://www.cscartrocks.com/abandoned-cart-popup-offer.html[/url]


Experts do you have insight for such a plugin ?

Is there any expert who can help us choosing the best shipping method solution for us. We are eagerly waiting for response.