Enable Autocomplete Feature In Cc Number


I want browser's default autocomplete where browser suggests autocomplete, and then user get options on past values he/she has entered.

Can we enable autocomplete feature in cs-cart's default credit card template.?

I have done some modifications in cs-cart but still I am unable to get desired result.

I have following code:




I have remove "cm-autocomplete-off" class.

But still I am unable to get default feature of browser.

Thank you-

Did you clear cache after the changes were applied? Check source code of the page to check if the class was removed

i got the solution . here was https issue .

I am trying to stop auto populate content but it is not working with this class


It can be cache issue. Try to check page source code and check if the corresponding class was added to required input field

https://prnt.sc/10tau14added but it is not working

Not sure what can cause such issue. Try to contact support team


Have you resolved this issue?

Have you resolved this issue?

Not yet :(