Empty shipping method in product


I have a problem with the shipping method for the vendor.

In the checkout is no shipping method available when the vendor has one created, if the vendor has two shipping methods than one will be displayed, but not the one which is selected in the product.

Can somebody help?

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Do shipping methods created by vendor have shipping costs set for the rate area you’re using?

If you use realtime rates calculation, try to check Administration → Logs page. May be rates are not calculated for some reason.

I don’t use real time calculation.

Yes they are created by the vendor and they are set for the rate area that we using.

Sorry I forgot to send the CS-Cart Version:

It is 4.13.3 and I am using the addon step by step checkout.

Maybe this will help to solve the problem.

Thank you.

Could be the add-on, disable the add-on and check operation.

I tried this already.

The problem is in the $cart variable.

The $cart[‘shipping_failed’] is true and $cart[‘product_groups’][‘shippings’] is empty but I don’t know why.

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It means that the shipping methods is not configured correctly.

Ok thank you than I will check this.

The problem is solved, there was no supplier.