Empty cart when signing out


Does anyone knows if it possible to empty the cart when the customer is signing out without proceeding to the checkout ?

Then the next time the customer signs in, he has an empty cart.

Thanks a lot,

They go to a lot of effort to ensure that if a customer returns (and there was cart contents) that the cart is restored.

I'm curious to know why you do NOT want the cart restored… I realize some users may not expect this, but it's pretty simple to click the clear cart button if they don't want the contents.

In version 3 you could change the period during which unordered products are save in the cart (CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation). Any idea for version 4?

For the reason why, under certains conditions one product is added automaticaly in the cart when the customer sign in, so even if he had the product in his cart, this one is added.


We have a huge issue on how Cscart handles items left in the cart. Our customers constantly shop our site and add items to the cart but do not always check out. Then they come back a few days later and do not realize the items are still in their cart and add them again. If one does not pay close attention to see the Qty is now double per item in the cart,people are constantly purchasing double of what they wanted.

We have modified the cart to pop-up a message after one logs in. This message tells the customer items left over from their last visit may be in their cart already. This has reduced our double orders significantly.