embedding .flv videos

Am looking to show embedded vidoes in the product detail page but cannot seem to get them working with the embed media button

looking at the suggested code, do I not have to call the mediaplayer.swf file itself and if so, where is it located or do I need to upload this to the site?

cscart inserts this code:



with the above i just get white space

any help appreciated

bumpity bump bump

anyone managed to embed any video type in the products page? - still not sussed this :confused:

Have you try JW Player ?

you must upload .swf file to load .flv

create a swf template (you can easyly find if you google this eg. flv player swf or something else)

Do not forget you must create new swf to load different flv videos (if necessary) if you will load same flv create one swf for all

and upload it as product image

that’s all

JW Plazer isnt for free if zou have commercial website, but i´ve found this great player http://flowplayer.org i would like to test it next weeks