Embedding Flash (swf) in page

Ok, so I've got this almost working, I just need your help for one last thing. The content shows up, but the “Height” of the embedded flash content stays small, no matter what height I put.

I have tried embedding it in it's own simple webpage, and no problem, height works fine.

It's called “TiltViewer” ([color=#000000]a 3D Flash image viewer)[/color], and it displays images live from my picasa web album. I've already asked them, and it says it's probably an issue with one of the 8 div tags nesting it, but I've looked at all of the obvious DIV ids and classes in css, and none have a height restriction. I'm sure this is one of the issues, but it's a crowded place in those css files!

Just to give you an idea, this is exactly what I put in the html editor (in the admin of cs-cart) for that page:


TiltViewer requires JavaScript and the latest Flash player. Get Flash here.


(minus all the extra parameters for font, color, etc.)

I've got the .SWF, and .js file uploaded to the root directory.

Here's the page I'm testing it on: [url="http://www.fishtail.ca/index.php?dispatch=pages.view&page_id=60"]http://www.fishtail....view&page_id=60[/url]


Checking with firebug I found on styles.base.css (line 3233):

#viewer {
height: 42px;

colortone, you sir, are a good man!

By changing the height of that id, it worked!! I'm just hoping that won't affect anything else by changing that parameter…

I'm not sure if you're a hockey fan, but The LA Kings are now my team for the Stanley Cup (Ottawa doesn't have much of a chance this year, anyway haha)

Thanks again, colortone.