Embedd Coupon Code in URL

Is there a way to embed a coupon code into an URL? I want to send out an email to my subscribers where they can just click the link and have the coupon code automatically applied instead of having to input the coupon code.

Is this possible and how?


We are looking for the same solution. I've seen several posts asking this same question. Certainly it shouldn't be too difficult to do this. Any CS Cart gurus have an idea on how to implement this?

Probably takes several small changes. One to capture the code, 1 to add whatever product you're trying to add to the cart/checkout process and then another to retrieve and apply the coupon code to the cart. If users have to be logged in or registered then this gets more complicated.

All changes should be able to be done in either the my_changes addon or a new one. But it takes time to put together, test, package, etc.

As you said tbirnseth, the feature of users have to be logged in or not should be an option, whether the coupon is for registered member or any guest.

Please consider to make this an addon tbirnseth, as other have shown some interest in this.

Just like DELL mystery offer, or GAP/Banana republic mystery coupon send to email.

and the email contains a link that go through their website, and reveal the value of the coupon.

If cs-cart have something like that, that’s cool B)

Okay, I'll step out on a limb here… I've created an addon for this type of functionality.

Details about the addon are at: Addon: Mystery Coupon - Third-Party Add-ons - CS-Cart Community Forums

In summary you can redirect the user to your site and capture a coupon code (specified in URL or via addon settings) to be used when the user checks out. It can also be used to be specific to a product and take the user directly to checkout.

Let me know of any questions you have.