Embedd block within a blog


Wondeirng if we are able to embedd blocks into our blogs where appropriate

e.g it may be worth having recent products embedded within the blog or relevant products too

how would we be able to do this?

Yes, you can use block manager in editor ( Redactor II )


and after you add a block might be looking like this in backend

and like this in frontend


To remove the block is a little tricky :smiley:

You need to do it from code, remove marked part


thank you! will try this

But if a block we already have has some user defined css added to it, how can we also include that within the block?

You can create in blog description code the same structure for CSS, wrapping the block with same classes used for styles



I tried that but it still doesnt show up in the same way, nor are we able to limit (lets say for a product block) the amount of products shown or which products should be shown

Is there a known solution / workaround for this?

Hi, anyone have any ideas for the above?

Did you follow the same structure as the other blocks ? Please PM the link to your website to check