Embed Secondary category text in product title / new attribute


I am trying to make unique content on every page of the site using data which exists in the database.

How is this possible?


due to the nature of the required site / data structure when selling things like printer cartridges, it is hard to escape a lot of duplicate content.

the reason for this is that for example:

1 cartrdige is compatibe with 50 machines.

a secondary category page is required for each machine in order to allow visitors to see all products for their machine

This means that the same product title and text is listed 50 times on the site.

from an seo perspective this is bad.

Poetential Solution - But Is It Possible?

I need to find a way to make each instance of the product shown on the secondary category pages unique.

An obvious way to do this - if it is possible; is to create a new attribute which is unique to each category which is essentially a string of text populated by variables which exist in the database.

Typically this would be as follows

[Black] [Toner Cartridge] for {Brother} {HL 2240}

text which is shown in [ ] = product attribute already in database

text which is shown in { } = information from the sub category breadcrumb trail